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  • HGV, PSV & LCV fleet operators, from owner drivers to multi-vehicle operations

  • Finance/Leasing companies by offering a branded or ‘White Labelled’ service

  • Specialist & Bespoke asset operators with multiple ancillary items

Residual Value System

Our real-time solution is your key to reduced risk, improved control and more effective remarketing.

White Clarke Technologies’ Residual Value System is two powerful solutions in one – automating both the management of residual values and your repurchase portfolio.


Residual Value (RV) Manager

The solution for organisations that need to create, maintain and use an automated set of processes to manage Residual Values and serve RVs interactively to Quotation, Sales and Valuation systems.

Repurchase Portfolio (RP) Manager

Provides the tracking of buyback vehicles for which there is a repurchase liability, while automatically calculating any provisions.

Designed for automotive manufacturers and finance companies, the RV System delivers so many features:

  • Centralised control of Residual Values for all vehicles.

  • Ability to serve any satellite financial application with the correct Residual Value in real time.

  • Residual Value quotes enabling dealers and other authorised parties to obtain Residual Value quotations for specific new and used vehicles.

  • Ability to incorporate factors and vehicle options in the RV calculation.

  • Ability to compare your Residual Value settings with those of other parties within the industry such as CAP Monitor and Glass’s Guide.

  • Ability to analyse and report on potential pipeline vehicles for remarketing.

  • An automated valuation of the portfolio and provision calculation for committed buyback/repurchase vehicles.

Minimise Risk:

  • Accurate setting of buyback profiles taking into account mileage, options and trim levels, market data (such as CAP)

  • Audit trail of buyback commitment

  • Better informed, with instant reference to market data

  • Real-time revaluation of the commitment

  • React quickly to market changes

Increase Sales:

  • Adjust sales-mix based on buyback volumes

  • Returned vehicles available more quickly

Reduce Costs:

  • Data source of RVs that is easy to maintain

  • Returned vehicles have reduced stand-in time

  • Single source of RVs increases efficiency and consistency

  • Having an efficient method for publishing values

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