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fleetComply is a web-based asset management, cost control, compliance and service planning solution that ties all routine maintenance and inspections to the associated documentation. Providing you with the necessary information required to improve efficiencies, drive down costs and remain fully compliant in line with VOSA's current practice.

Engine Check

Flexible design created by transport management & compliance specialists - Who can benefit?

HGV, PSV & LCV fleet operators, from owner drivers to multi-vehicle operations

Finance/Leasing companies by offering a branded or ‘White Labelled’ service

Specialist & Bespoke asset operators with multiple ancillary items

Operators with multiple locations requiring a singular view of fleet efficiency and compliance

Grey Fleet Owners seeking HSE ‘Duty of Care’, BIK, Fleet Management, Fuel Management, etc.

What could fleetComply mean for your operation?

Every operator understands the vital importance and the value of compliance, and that’s what fleetComply offers - 100% compliance, 100% peace of mind.

However, fleetComply goes much further than meeting VOSA and HSE requirements, fleetComply is a cloud based, software as a service that gives you complete visibility of vehicle and fleet operational costs as well as fleet performance reports. It provides your team instant access to the system throughout your network. That’s 24/7 access to vehicle schedules, repair and maintenance inspections and all corresponding documentation.

Unlike similar systems fleetComply is compatible with all suppliers and repair agents and is not reliant on workshops or mobile engineers having particular software or hardware in place.

Less Mistakes, Less Risk, With Less Effort. fleetComply Provides More.

What's more, our highly trained staff can manage the process for you, gathering and uploading documentation on your behalf. They can monitor progress against service level agreements, chasing documentation and alerting you should service levels be in danger. And remember - our team has comprehensive industry and compliance expertise, so they fully understand the implications of any out-of-line situations.

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