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Managed Service Available

Our highly trained staff can manage the process for you, gathering and uploading documentation on your behalf. Monitoring and alerting you of progress against service level agreements.

  • Document chasing from suppliers and workshops

  • Escalation reporting available for missing and late documentation

  • Document validating and integrity checking

  • Outstanding actions reporting


Asset Management

Record and manage vehicle and ancilary information from make & model through to weights, radio codes, serial numbers and management centres.

  • Asset details & full fleet listing

  • Ancillary equipment details

  • Vehicle acquisition & disposals management

  • Configurable fleet status’

Asset report.png

Cost Control

Data from multiple sources can be imported to present a comprehensive picture of your assets whole lifecycle costs, providing detailed expenditure reports.

  • Service & repair/damage costs

  • Fuel costs

  • Tyre costs

  • Supplier management & comparison

  • Mileage allowances

Vehicle Inputs Fuel Odometer.png

Lease Vehicle Management

fleetComply provides a single, complete view of each vehicles acquisition and operational costs through self-serve enquiry screens and reports.

  • Lease costs

  • Excess mileage costs

  • Lease/Contract end reports

  • Recharge management

Fleet Comply_ AssetPopup.png

Vehicle Performance

Built in detailed performance reports and configurable benchmark targets help you to proactively manage your fleet and identify areas for improvement.

  • Mileage reports

  • Fuel usage

  • MPG & KM/L target reporting

  • R&M supplier management

MPG Summary.png

Vehicle Defect Management

The fleetComply platform manages ad-hoc unscheduled vehicle maintenance for when repairs are necessary, Whether for compliance or due to accidents.

  • Schedule defect repairs

  • Defect history reports

  • Rectification management

Outstanding Work for Vehicle.png

Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling

Capture and monitor all documents, activities and events concerning the operational use of each commercial vehicle or asset and its ancillary equipment.

  • Create and manage asset schedules

  • Date and Mileage based intervals

  • Record scheduled & non-scheduled workshop bookings

  • Comparative summary reporting

Vehicle Edit Schedule.png

Dashboard Reporting

Customisable dashboard provides you with one view of national and local compliance status'. Drill down by vehicle type or view individual management centres helping you to maximise your compliance.

  • Fleet wide compliance visibility

  • Tailored email alerts for individual users

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