Your web-based route to fleet compliance, fleet safety, fleet performance.

FleetComply is a web-based asset management, cost control, compliance and service planning solution that ties all routine maintenance and inspections to the associated documentation. Providing you with the necessary information required to improve efficiencies, drive down costs and remain fully compliant in line with VOSA's current practice.

100% Compliance – 100% peace of mind

Imagine an easy to use system that enables your people, wherever they may be, to capture and monitor all documents, activities and events concerning the operational use of each commercial vehicle and any of its ancillary equipment.

Suppose it could include all the documentation necessary to comply with VOSA's regulations for Heavy Goods Vehicles, Public Service Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles, in fact any equipment or asset that requires scheduled inspections. All available on-demand.

With fleetComply, that’s just the beginning!

Fleet Performance – maximising efficient usage

FleetComply provides a single, complete view of each vehicles acquisition and operational costs through self-serve enquiry screens and reports. Data from multiple sources can be integrated to present a comprehensive picture of the whole lifecycle of your assets, including repair and maintenance costs, lease costs, driver information, fuel, mileage, and so on.

Fleet safety

The fleetComply platform manages Drivers’ Daily Safety Checks.  These can be collected via an online screen, or can be integrated with a portable handheld device or smartphone.  Reports show where any checks may have been missed and any defects, along with their rectifications, are accurately recorded.

Self-serve or Fully Managed Services

FleetComply isn't just about the storage and retrieval of documents. It's a full monitoring, reporting and management solution.

FleetComply will immediately identify any missing or incorrect documentation, and any non-compliant assets and alert you to the situation. Because it is fully cloud-based, all the evidence you need to prove that your fleet is compliant is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location.

What's more, our highly trained staff can manage the process for you, gathering and uploading documentation on your behalf. They can monitor progress against service level agreements, chasing documentation and alerting you should service levels be in danger. And remember - our team has comprehensive industry and compliance expertise, so they fully understand the implications of any out-of-line situations.


FleetComply Features:

  • Complete visibility of compliance status
  • Maximised operational efficiency
  • Inbuilt KPI's and automated real-time alerts
  • Consistency of operational best practise
  • Secure online access on demand
  • Fully protected storage of data & documentation
  • No capital expenditure

FleetComply is delivered Software-as-a-Service, which means no capital expenditure or any of the liabilities associated with traditional software solutions.

Unlike similar systems fleetComply is compatible with all suppliers and repairer agents and is not reliant on workshops or mobile engineers having particular software or hardware in place.

FleetComply is built using industry recognised technologies and techniques, delivering the highest levels of usability and security creating a flexible, scalable solution for all sizes of operation.