A driver for independent and national rental businesses.

Whether you run a single rental site or a national multi-site operation, our bespoke, hosted IT solutions working quietly in the background can help you take complete control, putting at your fingertips all the knowledge you need to make your business a growing success.


RentMan: The market-leading front-counter vehicle rental management system servicing the vehicle rental market for over 30 years. It will quickly show you exactly which vehicles are available for hire at any time and verify a customer’s identity before your staff hand over the keys. It will keep you informed on how much non revenue movements are costing you and whether the till is balancing correctly every day. It also ensures that all vehicle servicing and repairs are scheduled and tracked.

RentMan Light: If you’re a new rental start-up, or you’re running a smaller operation with less than 20 cars – but with rental, demonstrator and courtesy fleets to manage – we’ve specially designed this version of RentMan for you. It’s simple to use, requires only half a day’s training – and all you need is a PC or laptop, a printer and a broadband connection. In no time at all, you’ll have greater control of day-to-day fleet management, helping you to utilise your vehicles more efficiently and achieve greater profitability.



If you’re a hands-on manager of a small independent rental outlet, you may question whether sophisticated products used by the larger operators are appropriate for your needs.

The truth is, whatever the size of your business it pays to know what’s going on. And besides, there are many other advantages beyond those detailed above that our IT solutions will bring to your business.

Every journey gets recorded so transferring responsibility for a speeding fine or congestion charge couldn’t be simpler.

Instant identity checks mean a customer’s personal details will be automatically cross-checked with their UK licence number, immediately flagging up any discrepancies.

Gain an effective marketing tool. Once a customer has rented a vehicle (or even just asked for a quote) you’ll hold their details on file. You can use this information to target customers with specific promotions and incentives, from free upgrades to a birthday card – and there’s a mail merge facility for personalising direct mail.

So if you want to take control, you really should get in touch.

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