CRM Solutions

We give you the perfect ‘fit’ of a tailored solution with all the benefits of a 'packaged' platform


White Clarke Technologies' CRM platform gives you all the benefits of a 'package' – tried, proven and very cost effective – with a fit that meets all the vagaries of your own business processes.

  • Full customer lifecycle management, from prospect to client to repeat custom

  • Efficient communications built around your own workflow rules and business processes

  • Staff and resource allocation and management that recognises which essential skill levels and resources are needed at each step of the way – including opening hours, holidays, sickness and working time legislation

  • An intelligent system that provides a single view over multiple sites

  • Payment processing and invoicing, including overseas transactions – all with full accounting integration

  • Inbound and scripted outbound Call Centre integration, all workflow based

Workflow-driven, with self-serve options. Your own CRM solution that manages everything from first time contact through the entire customer lifecycle; communications, consultations, bookings, and resource scheduling providing availability of trained staff, resources and appropriate facilities. A solution that can be fully integrated with your call centre, plus optional links to a customer-facing website as well as e-mail, text-messaging and social media facilities. Your choice.

It really doesn’t matter whether your organisation is in the automotive, finance, insurance, telecommunications or medical sectors - as a consultancy project, we can work with you to define the most effective configuration to entice prospects, support customers, drive repeat business and build stronger customer loyalty. A solution that manages automatic follow-ups and reminders, all designed to reduce the inefficiencies and costs associated with managing customer relationships.

All of this can be delivered as a Software-as-a-Service solution, which means little up-front cost and no systems to support or maintain. Alternatively it can be implemented within your own facilities and integrated with existing applications.