Leading hospital boosts commercial success and transforms patient care with CRM solution from WCT

"We recognised that we would be learning as we went along and that we may well change our system specifications in the light of what we learned...
White Clarke bought into the whole concept."

- Pat Dunion
Chief Operating Officer, Transform Medical Group



Transform Medical Group is the UK’s number 1 cosmetic surgery company, with its own regulated hospitals, 24 clinics and a network of venues around the country.
In 2007, the company embarked on a strategy of growth and turned to White Clarke Technologies to help them develop a CRM solution unique in the industry.
Its objective was to manage rapid growth, provide consistent processes with complete transparency across all their locations and partner locations, while improving the patient journey and patient care.
The system has delivered on all counts.



The Challenge

When Pat Dunion joined the group as COO in 2007, she was very clear about what she believed the new system should deliver, and why existing solutions in the healthcare market were unsuitable. “First, there was the commercial perspective,” she explains. “To be able to meet our ambitious growth plans, we needed significantly better management information than is common in this sector. We needed to fully understand at the granular level the dynamics of every touch-point along the patient journey. We needed to scrutinise the conversion process, our strengths and where we were experiencing attrition. Nor did we fully understand the relativity of business performance across each of our clinics.”

Secondly, the group wished to improve patient care. Patient-facing staff have to deal with people who may not really be sure if cosmetic surgery is suitable. It means staying with people to provide full customer lifecycle management, dealing with them from a number of touch-points, ranging from phone to website to consultation, pre and post-operative treatment and on-going support. Always with the right information to hand, plus the necessary tools to make bookings that always run smoothly, from availability of the right staff with the right skills to the right facilities. Exactly what a CRM solution is designed to do. But there was an added complication.

Bill Egan - Head of IT, takes up the story. “We were very aware of the CRM solutions used in the healthcare sector and, although perfectly adequate for organisations geared to the management of acute and chronic medical problems, ours is more an aspirational market with a strong element of retail-type challenges. We have to provide maximum levels of choice, right down to where a consultation or procedure takes place, such as near the workplace for a lunchtime appointment. To achieve the right mix of commercial and traditional healthcare, it would have been necessary to turn to SAP-type solutions, with all their associated costs and massive maintenance overheads.“

The Solution

White Clarke Technologies, who had no healthcare experience at the time, was selected because they were able to demonstrate expertise in a highly commercial CRM environment. “They very quickly understood what we were seeking and they recognised the need for simplicity,” says Pat Dunion. “They were the right size organisation. While we are the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, we are still a relatively small company. As we went into this, I kept saying to myself that the project would only be successful if we also re-engineered our processes; use the system as a catalyst to change some of our processes. We also recognised that we would be learning as we went along and that we may well change our system specifications in the light of what we learned. That meant choosing an organisation where the project would be important to them and they would provide the level of support we needed. White Clarke bought into the whole concept.”

The Outcomes

The system, Mark One, went live after twelve months and following a number of iterations is meeting all of Transform’s objectives.  Bill Egan explains that a single repository of information with country-wide visibility is good from a commercial and from a patient care point of view. If a patient calls, say, from the south coast, they are able to speak to a Medical Officer on a Sunday in Manchester, who is able to talk fully briefed. 

Beyond traditional CRM, the system manages communications, consultations, bookings, and availability of trained staff and appropriate facilities - everything necessary for a successful consultation and beyond.

The system has coped with significant growth and has even contributed to that growth, as Pat Dunion explains: “The system has resulted in a higher rate of conversions, which is helping us considerably to help us manage the current downturn in cosmetic surgery. As external confirmation, our suppliers tell us that we are doing better than anyone else in the industry. We are delighted with the system and with our relationship with White Clarke Technologies.”